FourSquare Spiced Rum

Rum luminary and master distiller Richard Seale pursues a perfectionist’s agenda of rum-making at the Foursquare Distillery in Barbados. This high-quality spiced rum is blended with rare island spices in accordance with a centuries-old secret formula guarded by the Seale family. Notes of rich barley sugar before hints of cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger.

Gosling Black Seal Rum Burmuda

Sweet, dark, cooked fruits. Fruitcake, spice, herbal. Balanced with thick, sweet spices, stewed fruits.

Ryoma Japanese 7 Years Old

This rum is distilled at the Kikusui Distillery on the island of Shikoku, a village in the east of the Kochi prefecture known as the oldest producer of sugarcane in Japan. Distilled from freshly pressed cane and rested in oak barrels for 7 years. It has rich notes of vanilla and caramel. Fans of Caribbean rum will find this delicious and soothingly familiar.

Nusa Cana

Sugarcane, banoffee pie and brandy snaps combine on a very luscious nose, balanced by a fermentation-added tang that cheekily recommends daiquiris. The palate meanwhile starts soft, a rum-sweet beginning flipping into vanilla lemon cream and a more spirituous finish. Fun, characterful and priced for the speed well. 37.5 per cent abv

Ratu Dark Rum 5 years Old

“Aged 8 Year in charred oak barrels. Aromas of zesty orange & dark chocolate with a hint of coffee & charred oak
complimented by a rich mahogany colour. A velvety mouth feel with coconut, chocolate and spicy oak, followed by a lingering fresh citrus flavour on the tongue.”